2 position cat flap for wooden door Catwalk


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The Catwalk 2-Position Cat Flap for Wooden Door allows your feline to travel between indoors and outdoors, without you having to open the door each time. This freedom is necessary for your companion for his development and his health. By opting for a cat flap, you give your cat freedom while having control thanks to the various features.
Give your cat more freedom by installing a 2-position cat flap in your wooden door. Reliable, it has a 2-position locking system with which you can choose between free entry and exit or complete locking. Practical, this cat flap is suitable for all breeds and sizes of cats. Moreover, it is suitable for wooden doors from 11 to 25 mm thick.
– functional and reliable
– perfect for wooden doors with a thickness of 11 to 25 mm
– equipped with a 2-position locking system
– weight: 570g
– White color


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