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Make your cat dream with this magnificent 138cm  Joy cat tree! An ideal accessory for cats, especially indoor cats, the cat tree is undoubtedly a perfect place to scratch, nap or simply play.
Designed to awaken your cat’s feline instincts, this cat tree is characterized by a high station entirely dedicated to play. Your companion can try to catch mice from the top of his medium-sized tree. He will then test his agility and especially his sense of balance! It will be greatly helped by the tree structure which has stable proportions and platforms.
The rest area of this cat tree is not forgotten! For naps and to be quieter, he will have access to a comfortable niche reachable by means of a ladder. To sleep while taking advantage of a little height to observe his “territory”, he can also settle in his hammock. In addition, multiple sisal posts complete the  Joy cat tree. He can then very easily use them and make his claws. Your furniture and upholstery will thank you!


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