Cat’s fever interactive cat scratching post with balls


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Cat’s fever interactive scratching post brings together all the elements to make a kitten or an adult cat play!
Cats are pets that can be hard to pin down, but there are some things they can’t resist! Rolling balls that make noise, cardboard they can tear, the smell of catnip! Thus, providing him with an object where he can let off steam and scratch his teeth will surely make him happy! In the same way, his hunting instinct cannot resist the call of bells in bullets. Thus, you will then find the perfect toy and scratching post for your cat, offering it a real playground.

Beyond pleasing your favorite feline, it should be noted that the Cat’s Fever is covered with a very funny and modern “Cats” pattern, a pretty piece of decoration. Its dimensions also make it an accessory that won’t take up too much space in your home, while not being too small to get lost under furniture! This makes it easy to put away when you’ve decided the “party” is over.
– Complete cat scratching post
– Pretty cat patterns on a designer and contemporary black background
– With integrated balls to catch (4 cm in diameter, with a bell in each) to amuse your feline even more!
– Corrugated cardboard scratching posts
– Easy to recycle
– Easy to store
– Max external dimensions: Width 32 x Height 30 x Thickness 5.5cm
– Dimensions scratching triangle: 15.5 x H13.5cm
– Gutter: Depth: 4 cm x 2.5 cm


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