Natural Living 2 Tier Small Rodent Suspension Bridge


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To keep your little rodent busy and avoid boredom, you can add a hanging bridge to his cage. This bridge will offer him fun recreations and will allow him to play the balancing act without risk for the rodent since it is made from natural materials.

This suspension bridge makes it possible to offer more space to your small rodent in his cage and allows him excellent exercise sessions for his health.

Bridge for small rodents, hamsters and mice with 2 floors:
Natural Living bridge to hang in the cage of small rodents and more particularly hamsters and mice
Bridge with many different games: 2 wooden ladders + 1 rope ladder + 1 sisal ring with piece of wood
Bridge made from natural wood, strings are strong and durable sisal
Fixing in the cage is done with metal chains for the safety of your rodent
The bridge comes semi-assembled for quick and easy installation in the cage
Dimension of the suspension bridge: 27 cm long x 17 cm high x 7 cm deep


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