parrot rattan ball hanging toy Parrot


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1. Made from 100% safe materials and eco-friendly natural rattan, without any dyeing, handmade, bite resistant and durable.
2. It can stimulate and help the birds increase their physical activity, and they can grind their nails and beaks, play various games to keep them healthy and have fun at the same time.
3. The outdoor rattan ball looks like a ball, with rattan on the surface, parrots destroy their favorite toys, which is the chewing instinct of birds.
4. Provide chew toys for birds to ease their boredom, and they are very suitable for hanging on branches in the yard.
5. Handwoven from natural rattan, it is safe and durable, and easy to maintain its shape, it is filled with cotton for birds to bite and play.
Item Type: Rattan Ball Toy
Material: rattan, cotton
Product size: rattan ball diameter approx. 10cm/3.9inch (made of natural material, there is 0-1cm/0-0.3inch error)
Purpose: bird bite to relieve boredom


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