TX6 Automatic Food Dispenser


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The TX6 Automatic Food Dispenser is practical for ensuring your meals at fixed times and when you have to be away.
Easy to use, just fill each compartment with kibble and program it to provide your dog with his ration at the right time. You can thus prepare from 1 to 6 meals, in dry food (kibbles) or wet (pâté or household ration). The control screen is protected by a resistant valve to prevent accidental adjustment.
For maximum cleanliness, you can clean the bowls by hand with washing-up liquid. The cover can be cleaned with a cloth and mild detergent.
plastic material
– for 6 meals of 240 ml
– meal volume can be set individually for each meal, up to 3 × 240 ml for one meal
– dry or wet food
– easy to clean

– with display and acoustic signal for low battery level
– battery operated
– dimensions ø 32 cm × 10 cm
– grey/white color


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